Welcome to my Psychotherapy practice webpage. I offer short and long term counseling services for teen and adult individuals experiencing mental health challenges and symptoms. Please use the below information to learn more about what me and who I work with. You can also use the contact page to schedule a complimentary consult call.




    Benefits of Therapy

  • Increase your self awareness, self compassion, and self acceptance.
  • Increase stress management skills.
  • Transform your self perceptions and improve your relationships.
  • Feel grounded and safe in your body.
  • Access and express your emotions.
  • Re-write limiting stories and beliefs.
  • Learn to set appropriate boundaries in relationship.
  • Improve your communication skills and gain confidence in self expression. 


Offering individuals support with:

~Symptoms of anxiety, grief and depression.

~Symptoms of emotional fatigue or empathetic burnout.

~Adjusting to sudden change or loss.

~Stress related to managing chronic health conditions.

~Managing acute stress and PTSD recovery.

~Life transitions, identity changing, existential and spiritual crisis.



I work as an integrative therapist having studied and practiced a variety of theoretical frameworks to offer the most effective strategies for change. I have a holistic approach of assessment and intervention as I honor the interconnectivity of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In a session with me you can expect a collaborative and engaged style. Being solution oriented I promote education and skills training to increase your sense of empowerment and body awareness. I find that mindfulness skills training combined with somatic resourcing, understanding the neuroscience of the stress response, and cognitive behavioral skills, create a foundation in which to implement changes from within, with concrete tools. In addition, I highly value working with your narratives. Understanding the way stories shape our perception of reality can be hugely rewarding! Once you understand your influencing beliefs and how traumas have shaped you, you can access the truth of your emotions and needs, and begin to transform your relationship to them. This allows for the releasing of limiting beliefs and increase in confidence to re-create stories, and identity. Woven throughout the process I am also holding the transpersonal and existential psychological lenses: how you identify with larger meaning if that is a resource, and exploring these concepts when appropriate. Creating change can happen in many ways! I look forward to working with you to explore and discover the innate wisdom of your body and your ability to heal from within. I welcome all human beings to my practice of any creed, gender and sexual identity.